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    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world.

    Body scanners opt out intimidating

    Words you’d never hear in conversation, like “inform.” She does her best to avoid eye contact. When she asks about any tender spots she should know about, I say my belly is sensitive because I’m pregnant, even though it hasn’t been that sensitive for weeks. Typically when I tell people I’m pregnant, they smile and say “Congratulations.” I’ve made the comment three or four times before pat downs in the last few weeks, and so far security officers have just nodded — if that — and moved on. There’s no point to warmth in a freezer, and I can’t say I expect a different reaction. “This is not my first rodeo.” It sounds stupid, so I don’t. Those protests played out when the scanners arrived at hundreds of airports last year. I promised Jason I’d opt out of the scans whenever I travel, despite the hassle. ” I stand barefoot as travelers who don’t have promises to keep give me sideways glances as they step in, lift their arms, collect their stuff and rush back to humanity. By the time the security officer’s checked her gloves for god knows what chemicals she’d have picked up from my clothes, I’m drained. It’s when you’re forced to interact with the people handling these technologies that things get profoundly uncomfortable. I know what you’re thinking, but this is not about the scanners’ invasiveness or safety. Then she appears — the poor soul who has to do this awkward thing in this awkward way because I won’t do what’s normal. I like to think that without saying anything, we both say we’re sorry. “If you’re sitting next to a child or someone acting like a child, put your mask on first before assisting the child.” We all snickered. We’re at our best when we look each other in the eye, not at an X-ray image of each other’s belongings. It’s the impersonal theater of this that bugs me, and I’m convinced playing our roles in private wouldn’t stop the show.

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    But it’d be nice if someone, someday, took the bait and followed me out of this suffocating artifice, process, procedure and legal fears be damned.

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    What happens next breaks up the predictable alienation of airport security with a dash of unpredictable alienation.

    It was in the speech highlighting the “safety features of this aircraft,” just into the part about the oxygen masks. At security, I hold my arms out when she asks, put them down when she asks, watch travelers and security officers alike suppress their humanity for the sake of our safety, the body scanners and metal detectors watching over it all.

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